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Taipei international auto show opening Ma Ying-Jeou pushing the scale of the world's first


When you hear a display of Taiwan origin price of NT $280 thousand bike, exclaimed on the spot.

"Taipei International Bicycle Show" debut yesterday, Ma Ying Jeou opening speech said, the bicycle is a happy industry, Taiwan to let people in Taiwan can anytime, anywhere to ride a bicycle, let Taipei self auto scale from now the second in the world, become the first in the world.

Ma said that he is also a bike enthusiasts, "from ten to ride now, home have three Taiwan bicycle, also participated in the triathlon.

He also said that he since he took office, is committed to build Taiwan as environment suitable for cycling, and the bicycle industry complement each other, the future also plans to complete up to 2000 km of bike lanes, which 900 kilometers mountains, 1200 kilometers of sea, Taiwan has conditions to do such as the size of the "tour de France" (Tour de France) around Taiwan bicycle race.

Popular in the sport of cycling, Ma said. Five years ago he put forward "rite of bicycle" concept, that is full of 16 year olds, in County of residence to ride 100 km; 18 500 km; 20 is ring 1000 kilometers. First year a total of 5000 people, growth for the coming year to 25 million people last year, more up to 11 million people in, "with the magnitude of the bicycle export growth as good; more high school students under the age of 20 years old, in succession to four 500 km activities to satisfy.

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