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For the first time, Michelin officially entered the mainland market impact of bicycle tires


Michelin (MICHELIN) is the world's largest tire company, headquartered in france. In 1891, Michelin manufacturing the world's first detachable inflatable tires, has since led the world tire from solid tire into the pneumatic tire. We must have the car tires are very familiar with Michelin. And in 2012, the bicycle tires Michelin will for the first time officially entered the Chinese market and impact bicycle tires, the high-end market.

Michelin in the global market in many countries already bicycle tires. Now, coincides with the 120th anniversary of the establishment of the Michelin, the bicycle tires will officially enter the mainland China, and the Guangzhou days Trading Co., Ltd. sole agent.

"In fact, Michelin tire is not as expensive as you might imagine"

Because the automobile tire market, Michelin tyres for its high quality, price is relatively high, which is easy to give you leave impression "Michelin is very expensive. Michelin bicycle tires into China, we are very concerned about the price of Michelin tire.

Michelin Asia bike tire sales manager using Guangzhou days Trading Co., Ltd. products briefing at the meeting said that Michelin bicycle tire positioning in the high-end bicycle tires, tire prices relatively low-end bicycle tyre will be higher, and corresponding to the relatively high price is worth the quality of life and ride. If you count the service life and riding comfort, Michelin tyres, in fact, is not expensive, even than some low-end bicycle tires more value for money.

As we know the relationship between the quality and price of bicycle products, in fact, many people are able to accept the high-end bike products. Michelin for the Chinese market will be the main push mountain bike tires, the mountain bike tires probably around 100 yuan, 200 to 250 yuan level and 500 yuan of above of professional grade level products, urban leisure tires have lower price.

Michelin will try to protect the supply channels

Michelin tyres for the first time to enter the mainland, at the same time, everyone must also return very concerned about the tire parallel, there is tire product series model.
First is the problem of parallel, Michelin Asia bicycle tire Zheng manager said, Michelin will strictly control the parallel, by trying to adjust the OEM factory product price, try not to use OEM factory manufacturing the new tires and other measures, the smuggled goods from the source control, like the Michelin Pro Series 4 road tires is entirely in OEM factory production. Michelin Co will also control the dealer channels to protect the interests of consumers and dealers.

For parallel bicycle tires, Mr Cheng also reminded the majority of riders: "bicycle tires have according to area temperature and humidity characteristics for the production and sale of products, parallel from the different regions, the problem is often more." But also to remind the majority of dealers, "due to the issue of parallel imports more, in accordance with the terms of the warranty service, into the parallel may due to after-sales problems and lose more."

Today, 29 inch bike swept the world, in 2012 the major bicycle manufacturers will launch 29 inch bike in the mainland, the world's demand for 29 inch bicycle tires are also very tight. According to Zheng Zong introduction: Michelin in 29 inch tires will launch more than 2 of the tires, the limit of 2.35 of the big tires. Due to the current Michelin 29 inch bicycle tires in short supply in the state, Michelin plans in 2013 launched 2.35 tire. "

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