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The urban public bicycle workshop was held in Beijing


How to make a bicycle better play a role in urban public transport? How to solve the last mile of the city? What kind of role does a bicycle play in modern life? November 13th, the "urban public bicycle seminar" held in Beijing,Public bicycle has been carried out in Hangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Guangzhou and other cities.

From the pilot cities of government officials, experts and scholars and entrepreneurs is division of power and responsibility between government and enterprise of the public bicycle role in urban transportation system, urban public bicycle system, how to guarantee public bike system's long-term stability of three topics are discussed.

Yu Lin Jiang, director of the Ministry of Transport Institute of Urban Transportation Research Center, in his keynote address, said China is called the kingdom of bicycles, but China's bicycle in urban traffic sharing rate and no more than some cities of Europe. It is suggested that the bicycle as a supplement to urban public transport, and gradually improve the city's chronic traffic planning, improve bicycle planning.

As for the success of the public bicycle pilot city, Hangzhou city standing committee of the National People's Congress party secretary, director Wang Guoping and everyone shared the Hangzhou use mode of "government guidance, enterprise investment, public bicycle experience and achievements.

The characteristics of urban traffic demand is constantly evolving, is currently in the process of development of a rapid urbanization and motorization, the characteristics of urban traffic demand is constantly evolving, the establishment and promotion of public bike should be the judgment according to the index of urban travel distance, Transportation Research Institute of Tsinghua University Lu Huapu said.

Wuhan public bicycle group chairman Liu Chunqi said, now facing the three major bottlenecks of public bicycles, the need to get support from the government policy efforts to break the bottleneck of funds and solve the problem of post maintenance. Enterprises bear public utilities, be able to bear the social responsibility, dedication to the community at the same time, the enterprise bigger and stronger.

It is reported that the Southern Newspaper Media Group, the Southern Metropolis Daily hosted the low carbon era (International) forum series of activities officially launched in May this year, for a period of six months. 2011 low carbon era (International) forum and low carbon era figures tribute ceremony held in Beijing, Hangzhou City, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress party secretary, director kingdom equal 10 people won the 2011 top ten low-carbon person of the year.

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