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Our Vision
Make HJC a world famous enterprise.
Our Objective
Actively participate in the global market competition and become a reliable and professional manufacturer and supplier!

Our Mission
Meet customer demands
Create customer resources, create customer value and create customer loyalty.

Our Slogan
(1) Establish a sincere, friendly, professional, responsible and vigorous staff team
(2) Develop the spirit of “Profoundness, Cooperation, Reciprocity, Development”
(3) Become a reliable enterprise with sense of responsibility to the society, partners, users and staff

Core Values
(1)Serve Customers—Dedicated to the satisfaction and success of customers and users and establish a friendly partnership with customers
(2) Cultivate Staff—Strive to cultivate vigorous and responsible staff, establish an enterprise with belief and win the trust, support and cooperation of everyone including you
(3) Execution & Efficiency—Help customers to make success through decisive execution, the highest speed and highest efficiency
(4) Credit & Pragmatism—Make brand products, establish a creditable enterprise, be promise-keeping, realistic and pragmatic in life and work

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