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Marketing Concept
(1) Internationalization of Management: Create loyalty of staff—Only by helping staff and customers to make success, can the enterprise achieve success
(2) Internationalization of Service: Create loyalty of customers—Listen to and get to know customer demands, meet customer demands, and exceed customer expectation
(3) Internationalization of Brand: Create international competitiveness—we will strive to become the most creative enterprise and the most popular supplier

Competition Concept
Make success by customer development—Survival by Credit in the Past, Development by Credit in the Future

Quality Concept
Professionalism is our motive power, quality is our pride

Service Concept
(1) Professional, Concentration, Sincere Service, Exceed Expectation, Touching Moment
(2) Provide sincere service with gratitude, deliver service by taking details into consideration, and inspect service with customer satisfaction
(3) Customer-centered, provide products and service that exceed customer expectation

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